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Myth vs. Fact for Mini Dental Implants

Myth - Mini Implants are as good or better than "Conventional or Traditional Implants."

Fact - Every study published CLEARLY shows that this is a completely false statement. The Success rate of Mini Implants is far less than that of Standard Implants.


Myth - Mini Implant placement is "non-surgical."

Fact - Regardless of the size of the implant, cutting a hole in the gum and placing a screw in the bone (mini or standard) is in fact a surgical procedure.


Myth - Standard Implants are "old style" implants.

Fact - Standard Implants in fact are the standard of care. There is nothing "old style" or "conventional" about them.


Myth - Mini implants cost less.

Fact - This is true, they actually are cheaper. BUT, considering it takes 2-3 mini implants to replace a single molar, the cost in most cases is actually more than a standard implant.


MythMini Implants have a 98% success rate.

Fact - This is completely false! The best success rate in the literature still shows that 1/12.5 fail as compared to a failure rate of 1/100 when looking at standard dental implants. Any dentist making claims of this high a success rate is flat out lying and has blatant disregard for the scientific literature...


MythStandard Implants require excessive surgery with flaps, bone grafting, and 6 months to a year of healing.

Fact - This is a scare tactic of general dentists that wish to play upon peoples' fears to make them shy away from standard implants. Whether it is a mini or standard dental implant, the need for healing times and approach to implant placement is determined on a case by case basis. Most people are told they don't have enough bone for a standard dental implant to mislead them into choosing a mini implant as an "easier" option, when in fact, more often than not patients have plenty of bone for Standard Implant placement. This is why it is so important to get a second opinion from a surgeon that regularly places dental implants before being misled by a general dentist that just wants your business and may not be giving you truthful, accurate information about what options you really have.


MythMini Implants can be placed without the need for sinus elevation.  

Fact - If you have a low sinus, placing a Mini Dental Implant in it is the LAST thing you want done. That's like placing a nail through a piece of cardboard! Irregardless of the size of the nail, once you pierce the cardboard, no matter what the size of the nail, it's not going to hold. And, to top it off, NO implant should be placed in a sinus without proper bone augmentation. 


MythMini Dental Implants are a new breed of Implants that are replacing Standard Dental Implants.

Fact - 100% false!!! Consult the  "ABOUT" page for more info ;)


Myth - FDA approved means it is a great product.

Fact - There are MANY things that get FDA approval an then later are pulled from the market because they were found to do more harm than good. 


Myth - Having a patent means you have developed a great product.

Fact - Again, like FDA approval, a patent only means your product can't be copied. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product.


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